These incredible Halloween Makeup Looks will blow your mind!

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We’re all well able to make ourselves look horrendous with makeup – often unintentionally – but when it comes to Halloween makeup, it’s quite extraordinary what can be achieved!

However, unless you’ve got a LOT of time and patience, it’s often best left to the professionals to give you the look you really want.

Take a look at these unbelieveable Halloween makeup looks from some seriously talented MUAs….

It’s always fun being a Disney Villain and Scar has got to be one of the best…by which we mean, most evil!

This is perfect for when you’re too tired to laugh at everyone’s bad jokes…

Did someone order a Zombie Tiger?

When you want to look pretty but your dark side wins out

This looks painful

Card trick, anyone?

When you realise the apple is more than a little past its sell-by date

It’s never a good idea to jam a pencil in your eye – let alone six

One part cartoon, one part cos play, all parts fabulous!

Is it an alien? Is it Gamora gone bad? Who cares? It’s awesome!

Ew. This is painfully realistic.

We thought the Big Bad Wolf was the villain of Little Red Riding Hood but hey, it’s never too late for a terrifying reboot…

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