These are our FAVOURITE TV-based costume ideas!

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We realise that there are a LOT of costume possibilities for this category but these are our personal favourites.

If you do decide to dress up as one of them, be sure to tag us in the Instagram snap!

  • Superintendent Ted Hastings

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen Line of Duty at this stage? We should hope not. If you haven’t, please rectify the situation immediately.

However, for those who have, there’s no better person to go as than Superintendent Ted Hastings.

Spend the night calling everyone ‘fella’ or ‘girly’ in your best Northern Irish accent, hunt for ‘bent coppers’, mutter ‘Mother-of-God’ every five minutes and tell any fool you meet that you didn’t just ‘float up the Lagan on a bubble’!

And it goes without saying, anyone who dares question your costume should be at least of the same rank or one rank senior.

  • Villanelle

Villanelle, the glamorous assassin from Killing Eve, is the epitome of fabulous. And she’ll break your neck without a second’s hesitation.

You could choose ANY of her looks for Halloween, combine it with your weapon or poison of choice and you’ve got yourself a costume.

She’s a master of accents as well so pick your favourite and totally commit to the character!

  • Moira Rose

For Schitt’s Creek‘s Moira Rose, every day is a chance to play dress up!

Played by the inimitable Catherine O’Hara, the character has dozens of iconic looks you can choose from.

Oh, and her wig collection is so good, we could weep!

  • The Game of Thrones Starbucks Cup

Will anyone forget the moment a Starbucks cup was spotted on a table in one of the multi-million-per-episode scenes of Game of Thrones‘ final season?

To recreate the moment, we suggest dressing up as your favourite character from the show and sticking a large Starbucks’ cup in the middle of it.

Because that’s what it felt like to WATCH IT. (We’re still not over it, tbh.)

  • A Derry Girl

The show’s been going for a couple of years now but we think it’s getting better and better!

If you haven’t done it already, now’s the time to dig out an old school uniform, tailor it to the show’s theme and have the craic with your mates.

Don’t forget the hairstyles!

  • Fleabag

It swept the boards during awards season so it’s unsurprising that Fleabag is probably at the top of everyone’s Halloween costume list.

Get a short dark wig, rock a red lip and let your opinions flow freely and without filter for the night!

For extra realism, pretend you’re looking at “the camera” every time someone does or says something ridiculous/terrible/scarily accurate.

  • Hot Priest

We’ve saved the best for last.

Hot Priest, played by our very own Andrew Scott, was the breakout character of Season 2 of Fleabag and left a legion of fans weak at the knees with his infamous ‘kneel’ scene.

All you need is some priestly robes, some smouldering looks and a keen sensitivity to women and their problems.

Prepare to be adored…

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