Jessica Spencer

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About me:

I’m a presenter at, having previously held the role of Head of Social. During the week, I work in  a hospital.  I was a YouTuber for a couple of years, making videos about relationships, books and mental health. In 2016, I was presented with the award for ‘Best Vlog’ at the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards.  Making a return to YouTube before the start of the new decade is something I’m excited about! Last year, I became a spoken word poet performing around Dublin and I won ‘Slam Sunday’ in May 2018. Now I’m focusing my writing on young adult fiction.

My Halloween name: 

Scaredy Pants Candy Muncher

My favourite Halloween song: 

What’s better right now than ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish? I’m also a big fan of ‘Disturbia’ by Rihanna too, not gonna lie.

My most treasured Halloween memory: 

It was the night before Halloween and I had just turned eight.  The entire evening had been spent drawing pumpkins and figuring out what ours would look like that year.  My pictures were scattered across the sitting room floor. Eventually, I decided we’d carve a cat sitting on the moon onto our pumpkin.  My Mam asked me to bring a pencil into the kitchen to draw on the pumpkin. Buzzing from excitement, I ran and slipped on one of my pictures.  The pencil went point-up through my cheek and soon the blood started to pour out as the pencil hung from my face! It all sounds awful, I know! But it’s a fond memory as everyone felt so sorry for me that I got lots and lots of sweets without having to trick or treat!

My favourite Halloween movie:

‘Halloweentown’ has always been my ultimate fave.  A teenager learns she has special powers?? Basically the dream.  Anything else is usually too scary — other than ‘Winnie The Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie.’ 

My favourite character to dress up as:

Growing up, I always dressed as a baby.  It’s the easiest and comfiest costume — grab a nice pair of pyjamas, a dribbler and you’re sorted.  Realistically, it was probably a cop-out costume choice by my Mam!

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