Garvan Rigby

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About me:

I have worked in radio for 20 years, starting off on the pirates. I was with Spirit Radio and 98FM in the past. I’m a DJ and I run my own DJ agency – Star DJs, Ireland’s largest DJ booking company. I am one of the co-founders and a Director of Christmas FM.

My Halloween name: 

Grim Reaper Garvan

My favourite Halloween song: 

Marilyn Manson ‘This is Halloween’

My most treasured Halloween memory: 

Watching the fireworks and bonfire as a child, right up to being an adult – I have always loved those!

My favourite Halloween movie:

Gremlins has always been a favourite – it’s a bit tongue in cheek, scary and funny at the same time.

My favourite character to dress up as:

Grim reaper is the only way to go!

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