Why do we associate Black Cats with Halloween?

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Black cats have long been considered a symbol of bad luck and have always held a prominent place in Halloween folklore.

Who amongst us doesn’t know someone who has dressed up as a cat on October 31st? 

To be fair, it’s a good costume idea because with their strong ties to superstitions and witches, cats are probably the most recognisable animal symbol of this spooky time of year.

It all started with a Middle Age legend that said the devil gifted black cats to witches to act as their servants.

As well as that, many people believed that witches could re-incarnate into black cats after death.

In more recent times, Salem the Cat was our favourite character on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

And who could forget Professor McGonagall’s epic transformation from black cat into stern teacher in that first Harry Potter film?

Bloody brilliant!

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