Adrienne O’ Hora

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About me:

I’m a radio presenter, a voice over artist and DJ.  I’ve presented shows on FM104, Q102, Radio Nova, LMFM and IRadio.  I am currently the voice of RTE 2 Television. Day to day I work as an English language teacher and voice over artist. I love the buzz of being on air, in the studio and playing music! It’s a bug that I caught when I started age 15 on work experience in Beaumont Hospital Radio and still love it.

My Halloween name: 

Spooky scaryclaws.

My favourite Halloween song: 

Michael Jackson Thriller definitely! Those zombies and the choreography!

My most treasured Halloween memory: 

Dressing up as a little clown going ‘trick or treating’ with my brother collecting as many sweets as possible! Also playing games where you stick your head in a bowl diving for apples

My favourite Halloween movie:

Is Gremlins a Halloween movie?! Also I love ‘Scream’ – “Sydney, I can see you!”

My favourite character to dress up as:

A psycho police officer!! Because I get to dress up in a cool costume with handcuffs and a hat, but still have a crazy look in my eyes! I always dress up in character for Halloween when I’m DJing in clubs too, which is great fun.

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